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Waited for my scheduled delivery from 9am to 5pm. They never showed up. I called to see what happened they said they sent the package to their agent and it was not in their delivery area. I got transferred like 5 times. No one bothered to call me. Now they want me to set another appointment for delivery. Fat chance!!! I just wasted a whole day waiting for them. I cancelled the order. I should bill them for a whole day of work missed on my part.... Read more

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Estes Express Lines is the worst trucking company there is. The management is dishonest and will lie about everything. They do not care about the danger that they put the public in and should be investigated by the transport services government services. The people that answer the roadside assistance calls are rude and will tell you anything to get you off the phone. There is person in their roadside assistance call center with a accent that is... Read more

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At 410 pm Monday 8-1-2016 a driver getting off frank rd to go west to his yard came down ramp which he had to yield gave no regard to me driving a loaded dump bucket I had to cut it hard to the right to avoid him while barely missing a bus full of handicapped children so sad a driver had to disregard safety for his own benefit his trailer number is 283572 pulling a double wont submit no more complaints next time I will call puco or d.o.t. I... Read more

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Driver shows up to deliver a skid (10 rolls) of wall covering. ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT DROP SKID ON STREET - LITERALLY ON THE STREET WHERE IT WAS SITTING! I am 53 years old and the rain is coming, black skies above! I have had SEVERAL other companies come and NO ONE has had a problem assisting me in making sure my freight was protected from the weather...we are in Colorado, raining every afternoon. This driver RUDELY REFUSES... Read more

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This company is the worst, if you find out that where you order from is using this company to deliver your item please cancel you order. This company office in bklyn is the worst, they give you a delivery date you stay home to receive you purchase only to find out someone is calling you stating that they don't have you down for a delivery for that date. Meanwhile you confirmed the date. They give you another date telling you they will be... Read more

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I NEVER would have ordered the chair from Babies R Us if I had known the AWFUL, HORRIBLE, ABSURD shipping company they used: Estes. The chair was delivered to the VA headquarters on a Wednesday, but Estes kept putting me off until Tuesday of the following week (I heard everything from, "They haven't removed it from the pallet yet" to "Our computer systems are down today"). Each time I spoke to them, they asked ME to call THEM back to make a... Read more

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Horrible!!!! Never use again, my package has been there 4 days and im still trying to get it delivered. They keep saying they dont know why the truck hasnt been unloaded.

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I was demolished on December 2, 2015 by an erratic Estes driver on interstate 79 in western Pennsylvania. When the state police responded they immediately put a B.O.L.O. for the Estes truck that totaled my car and just continued on his way. I'm less than 30 seconds at 65mph I was pinned up against a bridge abutment and bam I'm totally out of the time my car finally stopped because the engine actually fell through to the highway... Read more

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Tony at the Atlanta, GA terminal was completely rude when asked why they could not pick up a pallet that they delivered. I am so mad at how he spoke to me when I was just confused and had a question. If someone is going to make me feel *** for not knowing something when it is not my everyday job, then I can/will take my business elsewhere. At our company we ship 2-3 times a week using freight. Looks like someone else will be receiving a lot of... Read more

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Estes makes us pay extra, every time, to actually bring a shipment up the elevator to our suite. This makes no sense - as I've already paid shipping on my items, and by the time it gets here from some rude person at Estes, I am charged more for them to bring it up to me. I am appalled, and this company should either revisit its model, or CLOSE ITS DOORS for good. Worst shipping company ever. Worst attitudes ever. I would not recommend my worst... Read more

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